CNC Equipment

Castaly-CNC Face/4-edges, Thru-Feed Machining Center


Castaly's Woodworking CNC Machine are perfect for:
❖ Three-dimensional wood processing
❖ Cupboard doors
❖ Wooden doors
❖ Window processing
❖ Video game cabinets
❖ Door Lite Cutting
❖ Steel Door processing

❖ DSP CNC controller is setup to accept standard G-code programming formats along with on board conversational applications.
❖ Optional CAD/CAM system can create and edit part programs then send to machine for easy cutting. DXF files can imported, modified, and edited from here to create a G-code.
❖ Horizontal and vertical spindle for top and side stock processing
❖ Machine designed ready for 3-D cutting usage and superior performance.
❖ Moving gantry construction for space saving.
❖ The rigid steel frame construction has been stressed relieved prior to finish machining to provide repeatability and accuracy.
❖ Automatic frequency brake for the spindle allows rapid deceleration resulting in faster tool changes.
❖ Linear guides and sliding blocks are prismatic pre-loaded with recirculation bearings to ensure maximum rapid traverse and precision.
❖ The X & Y axis equipped with a precision rack & pinion driving system. The Z axis utilizes a ball screw assembly complete with the pre-loaded and ground screw for long life and optimum accuracy.

※ Working size 51” Width x 98” Length x 7-7/8” Height (Door Lock Maximum Depth 4-3/4”)
※ Custom made door vacuum table (Optional Vacuum Pump)
※ Syntec 60WA control with All in one PC Controller
※ 9.0kw air cooling Spindle with 4 pcs ISO30 tools linear ATC for Top Side Milling, Drilling, Lock
Bore.. Processing
※ 6.0kw double Side milling Spindle at X direction for X Axis Two Side, Milling, Drilling, Ball
Catch, Split Line. Processing
※ 6.0kw double milling spindle at Y direction, Two Side, Milling, Drilling, Hinge, Latch Hole,
Face, Dead Ball, Processing
※ 2.2kw 4 Side Milling Spindle for All the 4 Side, Small Holes, or Screw Hole Drilling process
※ 1500w servo
※ Max travel speed 200 fpm (60m/min), Max working speed 50 fpm (15m/min) (According
different processing material)
※ Professional PTP table with German SCHMALZ Vacuum pads 6pcs
※ 2M helical rack, 30 square rails & Ball screw
※ Automatic control with Aluminum oil pipe Oil lubrication

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