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12-inch Two Side Planer with Straight Knives


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$ 18,990
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• Standard equipped with automatic thickness controller, easy and quick setting for the cutting thickness.

• Top & bottom straight knife cutterheads for accurate and powerful two sided planning in one pass.

• Auto digital thickness control for quick and accurate setup.

• The worktable surface is precision ground and then electric chrome plated and polished to a smooth mirror finish. The durable wear resistance surface is easy to clean and maintain.

• A heavy-duty feed conveyor with metal spikes firmly holds stock securely to the worktable and feeds positively giving a smooth finish for rough or final planning.

• A variable speed control by inverter for smooth adjustment of feed rate depending on the material hardness, depth of cut & width to provide the best finish surface and fast cutting performance.

• The infeed conveyor is fitted with numerous pressure pins so the feeding process can be firmly stabilized. It will moderately press the stock, and then accurate planning surface can be performed to prevent jumping during processing of narrow or bent material.

• The 4 power feed rollers are driven with a geared transmission box linked with heavy-duty drive chain and gears to provide smooth even feeding during rough or finish planing.

• A twist torsion anti-kickback device provides additional safety. It’s designed to work in conjunction with the built-in conveyor stop. It safeguards mechanical parts in case of overload.

• The heavy-duty rigid cast iron frame supports the worktable and helps dampen vibration and ensures years of dependable service.

• Powerful industrial motor for maximum cutting capacity.

• All precision sealed long-life bearing for durability usage.

• A swivel stand is designed for convenient knife changing on the bottom cutterhead.

• Changing the knife on the upper cutterhead only requires removal of the upper dust chute.

• The optional spiral insert head design allows for fast, accurate insert changes and minimum down time.

• Setup time is minimized to set cutterhead height using the auto material thickness device.

• The top and bottom cutterheads are precision balanced to provide consistently smooth chatter free planning regardless of the feed rate or hardness of material being planned.

• A powerful ½ HP motor is utilized to quickly & conveniently make adjustments in thickness when setting the upper cutterhead.

(Training and installation, tooling & rigging are optional)
(Customer is responsible for local regulations and connecting utilities)
The price is F.O.B. Los Angeles Ca. USA. Tooling, rigging, freight & sales taxes are not included.
Full Payment with order or 50% deposit with confirm order, 50% before shipping.
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