Castaly Industries Corp. makes every effort to provide our customers with the best quality machinery possible. Every function and component are checked prior to the machine leaving our factory.


Castaly Industries Corp. guarantees to the original customer, every new machine sold a "ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY."  This Limited Warranty only covers defective parts or workmanship caused by the failure of any part provided or supplied by the manufacturer under the normal use and clean environment from the original date of purchase. Castaly Industries Corp. will warranty the part for one (1) year from the original purchase date, excluding all consumable and wear parts such as blades, cutters, knives, sandpapers, belts, etc.


In the event of a part failure, the customer shall notify the distributor for a replacement part immediately. Replacement parts will be shipped freight pre-paid. Castaly Industries Corp. does require all failed parts be returned to Castaly Industries Corp for inspection to determine the cause of failure. Replacement products or parts will be invoiced to the customer and credit will be issued to the customer upon receipt, inspection and verification by Castaly Industries Corp. that the product or part is indeed defective.



The warranty does not apply to defects due, directly, or indirectly, to acts of nature or items that would normally be consumed or require replacement due to normal wear. In no event shall Castaly Industries Corp. be liable for death, personal or property injury, loss of use of machinery, or damages arising from the use of its products.

Parts that are broken by freight damage or parts dropped by customer moving machine from location to location.

Failure to follow the instructions by customer or third party resulting in accidents, improper installation, operation, repair or maintenance of the machine. Failure to use machine for intended purpose with improper materials or loading of materials.

Misuse or abuse of machine or product not designed for machine. Incorrect, negligent application or alterations to the machine. Lack of maintenance, excess period in preparing material for certain machines, or the use of improper tooling, adhesive, lubrication oil, etc.

Electric Codes: Incorrect electrical installation, inadequate power source, or other problems caused by a power problem not connected with the machine.

Inadequate or dirty air supplied to the machine.

Any “Unauthorized” service person requested by customer to work on machinery.

All labor or service charges to install parts on machinery ARE NOT included in this warranty. Labor to install parts will be charged at regular service call rates and fees, including airfare, hotel, per diem and rental car expense.